My Bus Transport Services LLC


A. General

  1. My Bus Transport Services LLC (“My Bus”) is an independent bus service operator, operating air-conditioned transport services to various parts of Dubai (the “Services”), including journeys to/from the school and nursery. Parents/Guardians (“you”, your”) of students of Sunmarke School at P.O. Box 24857. Dubai, UAE, (“School”) may avail this service at their own cost on the Terms & Conditions of this agreement.
  1. My Bus operates school buses in compliance with the guidelines and regulations of RTA Dubai.
  1. All employees of My Bus are fully trained and hold valid RTA permits. All employees are periodically trained for enhanced safety, skills and better customer
  1. All buses are installed with smart bus technology, and this covers as a minimum GPS and CCTV Systems. Buses are monitored by CCTV and My Bus reserves the right to view footage as per our Company CCTV recordings will only be shared when requested by the appropriate authorities.
  1. A nominated Transport Manager / Coordinator will be available to deal with any queries for every school and their contact details are available at the School and Company website.
  1. All confirmed bus routes have designated pick up and drop off points. Please check your location and pick up/drop off points with the Transport Department to confirm your allocated
  1. The route travel time may vary depending on the number of students and or any change in routes.
  1. It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that your child is ready at the Collection points at least 5 minutes before the bus scheduled pick up times. If your child is not at the collection point at the appointed time, the driver will honk twice before leaving. Parents to ensure that the child is on time to avoid disrupting the schedule of other children.
  1. Traffic situations are beyond the control of My Bus and may cause inadvertent delays to scheduled pick-up and/or drop-off timings. There could be an average of 5 to 10 min lag due to traffic.
  1. Only authorized persons are permitted to enter the bus. Parents and or guardians are not authorized to enter the bus, unless asked to do so by the Bus Driver or Bus Monitor. Only the Bus Driver, Bus Monitor, Company / school employee is permitted on the
  1. Students are solely responsible for any personal items when traveling on the school My Bus is not liable for damaged, lost, or stolen equipment. Parents are responsible for ensuring their children can only access appropriate content on any portable device and that they do so effectively, safely and responsibly.
  1. Any queries regarding behavior or incidents will be reported by the Driver and or Bus Monitor to the Transport Department, who will in turn escalate to the school management. MY Bus will follow the internal escalation process which may result in discontinuation or suspension of Parents or guardians shall compensate the company for any damage caused or sustained on the bus or to other travelers as a result of inappropriate behavior by their child.
  1. If your child is absent from school for any reason, please inform the school’s Transport office preferably a day in advance of the absence but latest by 6.30 am on the day of absence. Alternatively, for Fortes Education Schools you can log in your child’s planned absence via the School’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).
  1. Should you wish for your child to be accompanied at any time (dropped off or picked up at/from the School or the Collection Point) by any person (not being you or your Nominee) you must notify us in advance by completing and signing a further copy of the Authorization Section of this agreement and submitting the same to the School Transport Office. Such additions of a Nominee will be subject to these Term
  1. For safeguarding purposes, any changes to the student travel schedule must be provided to the School in writing or online signed by the parent or guardian at least 24 hours in My Bus reserves the right to accept/decline the service changes.
  1. Students are allocated seats based on regulatory standards and this must be observed for every
  1. All bus seats are provided with seat belts and must always be worn by the students while using school transport.
  1. Students are responsible for their own behavior. Any student (including students of determination), who displays unruly behaviour and/or cause harm to other students on board, will not be allowed to avail of school transport service.
  1. Students with medical conditions or infections must have prior written approval from the school doctor / nurse to use school transport A medical certificate must be approved by the school doctor / nurse prior to using any school transport service.
  1. Students with special educational needs must notify My Bus in advance before proceeding with the registration. Any support and/or assistance required from additional bus travellers will be charged separately.
  1. For safety and hygiene reasons, eating on school transport is not
  1. Allocation of the school transport services will be based on seat availability and route coverage and will be offered on a first come first serve The parents will be informed about the availability of seats and routes by the Transport department. My Bus reserves the right to decline any request for bus service at its sole discretion.
  1. All My Bus vehicles, Drivers, Bus Monitors and registered students are In the event of any claim due to accident, My Bus’s liability is limited to comprehensive compensation paid by the insurance company, as per the terms of its insurance policy.
  1. Parents must inform of any area change at least two weeks in advance. The parent will be informed of the availability of seats and routes by the Transport department based on route optimization which may be subject to change.
  1. Please do not contact the bus driver unless there is an emergency, or the bus is delayed for 30 minutes or more after the scheduled time for pick-up/drop-off from/at the Collection Poin You can log onto the School’s VLE to see the bus driver’s cell no and the bus number that your child is travelling on.
  1. Please do not contact the bus driver unless there is an emergency, or if the bus is delayed for 30 minutes or more after the scheduled time for pick-up/drop-off from/at the Collection Point. You can log onto the School’s VLE to see the bus driver’s cell no and the bus number that your child is travelling on.


Terms and Conditions


  1. Once the application form or online registration is accepted, parents will need to pay the applicable Registration will be cancelled without fee payment.
  1. Parents need to pay the relevant fees for the Bus Service as set out in the table below (the “Transport Fees”) to My Bus in advance and prior to the beginning of every academic term no later than the following dates


Term1 – 1st August

Term 2 – 15th November

Term 3 – 15th February


  1. The transport fee is applicable and charged for the academic year. Full payment for each term must be made irrespective of the number of school days in any given month or student bus usage, this includes full or partial exam period and any study leave. The fee is based on the school term as communicated by the school and or regulatory
  1. For any unpaid fee amounts, My Bus reserves the right to commence legal proceedings including but not limited to bus
  1. All Transport fees including termly and registration fees must be paid through the VLE.
  1. An administrative charge of AED 25/- will be charged in the case of a cheque being returned by the bank / cheque replacement / any alteration in the payment plan. My Bus will not accept responsibility for any returned cheque. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that there is sufficient funds in the account on the payment due date. All cheques will be deposited to the company bank account upon receipt, as per the due Only cash or credit card payments will be accepted in case of returned cheques and must be paid within two working days.
  1. Additional charges will be applicable for providing booster pads and child seats. These charges are outlined in the school transport fee rate Please note that for safety and hygiene reasons, we cannot use booster pads or child seats that are not supplied by My Bus.
  1. Please inform us at the time of registration if payment is to be made directly by the parent’s employer.
  1. Parents must complete a Transport Area Change Form available at the school transport office or My Bus’s website at least two weeks’ in advance.


Student Bus Behaviour Code

The registering Parent / Guardian remains responsible for ensuring that these Terms & Conditions are complied with by the registered bus user(s) (child/children) at all times. To ensure a safe and happy journey, students are required to adhere to the Bus Behaviour Code stated hereunder:

  1. Be at the pickup point at least 10 minutes prior to the appointed time.
  2. Sit on your allocated seat.
  3. Wear a seatbelt throughout the journey.
  4. Keep the windows closed.
  5. Inform the school transport attendant if you are not feeling well.
  6. Listen and obey the school transport attendant’s instructions.
  7. Be polite and respectful.
  8. Be quiet and not disturb others.
  9. School bus users should refrain from eating or drinking inside the school transport.
  10. Throw waste in the dustbin to keep the school transport clean.
  11. Remember to take your personal items / belongings when you leave the school transport.
  12. Keep aisles clear at all times.
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